Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kyrgyzstan News Roundup

From UPI, "Bakiyev offers conditional resignation." An excerpt:
"I will go into retirement if security is guaranteed for me and my relatives," Bakiyev told reporters Tuesday.
From The Christian Science Monitor's blog, "Kyrgyzstan coup: Bakiyev inching closer to leaving the country." An excerpt:
for the moment, the fears of a possible civil war or a counter uprising against the interim government, which has promised fresh elections within six months, seems unlikely. The indicators coming out of Kyrgyzstan, at least today, are that a political accommodation between the interim government and Bakiyev is likely to be reached.
From the AP, "Kyrgyzstan interim leader says US base will stay." An excerpt:
Roza Otunbayeva said in an AP interview that the agreement allowing the Manas base will be automatically extended when the current one-year deal expires in July. She did not say how long the extension would last ... Otunbayeva also told the AP Tuesday that her government is offering security guarantees for deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his family if he steps down and leaves the country. Bakiyev fled the capital last week during an uprising that killed 83.

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