Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Join RBM, other creative writers at the University of South Dakota, and friends for a reading tonight at the Festival of Language, now in its sixth year, at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Seattle. RBM will open the off-site event at Rock Bottom, 1333 Fifth Avenue, at 5:00 p.m. Also on the roster: Anna March, Jenny Ferguson (also of USD), Leona Sevick, Koon Woon, Steve Halle, Margaret Rozga, Janèe J. Baugher, Wendy Vardaman, Karen Stefano, Midge Raymond, Kevin Allen, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Tom Bligh, Ken McPherson, Meg Tuite, Jane L. Carman (our fearless organizer), Robert Vaughan, Rebecca Goodman, Lily Hoang, Renee D’Aoust, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Holms Troelstrup, David Stevenson, Ewa Chrusciel, Derrick Harriell, Sara Henning (managing editor of SDR), Janice Lee, Martin Nakell, Debra Di Blasi, Len Kuntz, Daniel Nester, Alissa Nutting, Lance Olsen, Jonathan Penton, Lasantha Rodrigo, Michael Mejia, Bill Yarrow, Jen Knox, Su Smallen, Monica Storss, Joani Reese, Teniesha Kessler-Emanuel (also of USD), Holly Baker (also of USD), Kathryn Kysar, Kirk Nesset, Beth Gilstrap-Barnes, Brian W. Hedgepeth, Lee Goodman, and Christopher Allen. There's more information over at and

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Photo of the Day

February 8, 2014 -- The view from Portland, Oregon, and Day 3 of the winter storm few in Portlandia, not even William Riker, want to call "Orion."