Monday, July 12, 2010

Kyrgyzstan in Murals

Above: military insignia left by past visitors and a series of newly-painted murals adorn a dining facility at yet another undisclosed location in northern Kyrgyzstan. RBM and other Peace Corps volunteers spent time here after being evacuated from the city of Osh in June. (Note: some photos have been blurred.)


  1. Beautiful paintings! Thanks for sharing. Glad to know there is still some beauty around amidst the violence.

  2. Long time no see - I stumbled across your facebook page while I was looking for someone else. It's a small world; I've spent much time in the "unnamed facility" in your fact, one of the stickers on the front door belongs to my unit.

    Good to see the work you're doing (or were doing). Glad you're well and take care,

    Jason Guthner