Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The View from Issyk Ata

By R.B. Moreno

Over the weekend myself and other Peace Corps trainees trekked through hills surrounding Kyrgystan's famous hot springs, once a destination for Buddhist pilgrims. Rowan Steward and Susie Weldon's Kyrgyz Republic notes the following:
Issyk Ata (Father Heat) used to be a place of pilgrimage but is now synonymous with its popular health resort, which offers the full package of medical examination and mineral spring-fed hot baths. Until the 19th century, villagers grateful for the healing properties of the water expressed their thanks by smearing sheep grease onto [a] large rock, which has a depiction of Buddha on it.
The trainees, I should note, enjoyed cold rain and a waterfall rather than the baths, which cost about 6 USD.

Slideshow: The View from Issyk Ata


  1. love the bird pics. when you come home i will buy a print so you can rebuild your life here off of your art.
    we miss you kid

  2. Thanks, friend. I'll be reminding you of this at a dinner party in 2012.

  3. Hey son is also a volunteer at KG and from your posts, I'm guessing that he (David Malana), may be in your group. If so, please say hello and perhaps a hug?

    I admire all you volunteers for the noble mission considering the more difficult situation at KG.

  4. Hi, Ms. Malana: thank you for following the blog and I will indeed pass on a hug. David and I spent a good deal of time together during staging in Philadelphia. He's everything I could ask for in a fellow volunteer.

  5. Thanks for the quick response...actually, I'm his Dad and Mom! I tried to figure you out from that arrival group photo that Dave sent. I've got your blog bookmarked and looking forward to keeping up with all you volunteers. Any tips on shipping to increase the odds of the stuff reaching him intact?

    Be safe,


  6. I've heard the USPS Priority Mail International boxes look more intimidating than others. But I'm avoiding receiving anything more valuable than a Frisbee via post.