Friday, July 17, 2009

Collaboration in the Writing Classroom

"Collaboration in the Writing Classroom: Can Pedagogy and Technology Get Along?" is now available via Google Docs. The slideshow is part of a teaching demonstration RBM delivered to The Denver Writing Project in June.


  1. In all seriousness, sometimes I wonder if big symposiums on this topic really do anything. Don't you think we just need to start getting a few tenured professors on the tech bandwagon in order to legitmize the practice of using new media in the classroom? Otherwise, it's just a bunch of fresh-minted MA or Ph.D.'s talking about how things need to change. Or maybe those youngbloods should be the ones to just, like, you know, do it. Try something new. Fuck the consequences. If it's something you believe in, do it now and deal with the potential institutional explanations later.
    That's just, like, my opinion, though. Such as.

  2. I know a couple of professors, here and elsewhere, aiming for the goalposts in the manner you suggest. But in being a new media hero you do risk flashy, untimely death.

  3. i regret that i have but one life to give to my discipline.

    (short pause)

    that was a dumb comment. i'm at the dregs of my wit, i had to sell raffle tickets at a benefit yesterday. that kind of constant charm is EXHAUSTING.

  4. Just remember Liz: it takes a village, not a hero.